Sweet endings….

Your day has gone absolutely perfect….you’ve laughed and you’ve cried… you’ve danced and you’ve watched your crazy friends make fools of themselves on the dance floor….you’ve kissed and you’ve been kissed by e.v.e.r.y.o.n.e…but most importantly you’ve vowed….vowed to love, stand by, honor, respect and… never go on a diet that doesn’t include doughnuts…what a great way to end the best day of your life by serving those faithful… dance with you all night family and friends..DOUGHNUTS….

Every time a wedding party serves these delish little diet killers at The Fritz Farm they disappear faster than you can count to one-thousand-one….gone!!

Come on down and see us and be sure to bring a box of your favorite doughnuts…..the hot light is on here at The Fritz Farm.