Puttin’ on The Fritz

Often we talk about ‘Putting on the Fritz” when working with designers and caterers…(meaning, do your best and make it spectacular)…..to us here at The Fritz Farm that means something..(even though it’s a corny phrase)….Countless neighbors and family members has shared with us stories of Uncle Fritz (Thus the name of the farm)….He never left home unless he was dressed to the nines, always ALWAYS helping those in need, kind, compassionate, funny and a very generous man. All of that AND he was good looking……
We know we have to continue what he started here on the farm. Putting on The Fritz to us means you will always be treated with kindess and respect…..we will always lend a helping hand…..and somewhere along the line Amy will trip over her big ole boots and give you a belly laugh…..
We would love to book your event and give you first hand knowledge of what is means to “put on the Fritz…”