New Year – New You

January 6, 2018 at 10:00 am

Summary of Event:

Start your new year by taking time to cultivate inspiration, journey to ‘slow-down and live in the present’ and make wise and healthy food choices. Together, we will learn to enjoy fabulous southern cuisine with a healthy twist by Emmy winning host and author, Lara Lyn Carter; calm our minds and spirits with a mini restorative yoga session complete with a hand, foot and cranial massage; learn the benefits of exercise and strength training for all ages; and tune into our goals and aspirations for the upcoming year. Throughout our day together we will savor nourishing meals, be inspired by a seasoned life coach, rest and restore our minds and learn to keep moving our bodies as we embark on 2018.

Quick Recap:

  • Chef Lara Lyn Carter
  • Eat nourishing meals
  • Be inspired by a seasoned life coach
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Lara Lyn Carter

Emmy Award winning television host and chef Lara Lyn Carter has a talent for new twists on classic recipes making them healthy and delicious. Born and raised in Georgia, Lara Lyn started creating recipes at sixteen, and quickly fell in love with the little things involved in planning an incredible meal.