Breaking up is hard to do….(not what you think -see #6)

As venue owners, part of the excitement is watching you all in the planning stages of your special day…..hearing your dreams about the most perfect “Cinderella” wedding, getting emails and updates from you about your plans, invitations and other ideas you wish to come true on your special day is a fun and exciting part of our job. We really do care about your day!! As you share with us, we bond with you and your family. Here’s a snapshot of our thoughts and the view from the lens of a farm venue owner:

#1. We realize that your wedding day is one of the most special days you will ever have in your lifetime.  Family and friends will all gather to celebrate and share your love as you begin your journey together as a family.  As we mow the orchards, weed and water the flowers, clean and spruce up the barns and maintain the grounds we have you in our thoughts.  How will your guests like the farm? Does the orchards look just right – not too freshly mowed but not un-kept looking?  And so on…..All questions and thoughts that run through our minds for we know that THIS day is yours and we will never forget that.

#2. The stress is worth it. Too often we greet the immediate families on Friday for their weekend here on the farm and they say…”I’m just ready to get this over with…too much stress”……By Sunday, when they leave, they say..”The stress was worth it…”  Y’all have stress and we have stress…but, at the end of the weekend we all know that ‘the stress was worth it’ so don’t get bogged down with the details…..enjoy watching your dreams come to life….at the end of the day all that matters is that you two are married!!!

#3. The first look always gets us!  A typical wedding day morning has us running around ensuring the farm is in tip top shape.  Trash pulled, barn swept, sticks picked up (for the 100th time), sun shining (is our prayer) and so on.  Some in the bungalow and some in the loft all preparing for the day and then the photographer gives the ‘it’s time’ look.  Time for you to see each all dolled up for the first time.  No matter where we are or what we are doing we will always stop to see that first look…..and 9 times out of 10 we tear up right along with you.  Some laugh, some cry, some hug for a long time, some turn circles like they are dancing but all get to our hearts.

#4. We love your food!!  It’s always a privilege when a family member comes up to us and says…”Y’all come eat with us, you are family too!”….

#5. Some of y’all can’t dance!!!  Sorry, but it is true.  But who cares, it’s your day so dance the night away……

#6. Saying goodbye is hard for us!!!  Sunday’s (or whatever day you leave) is one of the toughest days on us as farm / venue owners.  The year or more leading up to and working with you and your family all comes to an abrupt end and it is sad for us. So…..(#7)

#7. Please keep in touch….Social media has us all connected so don’t forget to share with us your life as you journey together….We love seeing the places you go and the children you birth so every now and again shoot us a message and let us know how you are doing…..

One day, your grandkids and maybe even great grandkids will climb in your attic, find that photo album, blow the dust off and look at your ‘vintage’ wedding pictures. We will be a part of that day years from now and we take that very seriously and appreciate you choosing our little farm to start your life together.

#TheFritzFarm, #hitchedonthefarm…Photo is Uncle Fritz in the 1920’s.