Paige Dockweiler

The Fritz Farm has been in Paige’s family for almost a century. Growing up with a farm in the family, Paige has long cultivated a love of work boots, blue jeans, and locally grown greens and was thrilled when she inherited the Farm in 2010. Wanting to share its beauty and charm with the world, Paige decided to open it up for wedding and event rentals in the summer of 2013 and hasn’t looked back since.

She and The Fritz Farm’s property manager, Amy, have tirelessly made additions to the property to make it a perfect fit for any bride’s dream day. Additions like the bridal bungalow that features a glamorous hair-and-makeup-station and the firepit, which is surrounded by porch swings, making it an ideal gathering spot for guests.

Paige is proud to have The Fritz Farm continue its status as a working farm and a vibrant member of its community. The Farm now has over 250 pecan trees (the nuts from which are available on the farm and also as locally processed pecan oil) and its own small-scale garden which Paige harvests lettuce and tomatoes from for dinner. Committed to her community and to local small businesses, Paige encourages The Fritz Farm brides to consider using locally grown flowers in their bouquets and often asks if extra food from events may be donated to the local heroes at fire and police stations.